5 long-delivery dilemmas that call for workarounds

5 long-delivery dilemmas that call for workarounds



The production of new cars has been a bit slow in recent years. Manufacturers are missing essential parts. There are various reasons for this. Due to the war in Ukraine, for example, too few wiring harnesses are now being supplied. And due to lack of raw materials, the manufacturing of sofas and chairs has come to a standstill for a long time. But the biggest pain point is the worldwide shortage are formed by microchips.

This deficiency is a story in itself. At the start of the corona pandemic, new car sales fell. That wasn't much of a surprise. In uncertain times you often see that people keep their money in their pocket. Due to declining demand, manufacturers scaled back production, meaning fewer chips were needed. In other sectors, demand for the high-tech chips increased, causing manufacturers to shift their focus and fail to supply the auto industry when sales rose again.

The situation is improving, but the backlogs have not been eliminated. Delivery times vary per brand and even per model. Waiting a year is no exception. Especially with electric cars, it can take a long time before the car is in front of your door – or in your driveway, or in the garage. This creates special scenes and dilemmas.

Dilemma 1. Continue driving in the current ‘old’ car or not?

Due to delayed delivery times, you must continue driving in your current car for at least another six months. While everything is falling apart. A quick scan at the garage did not bode well: €1500 repair costs at the very least. #ouchhh

Dilemma 2. The lease contract is coming to an end

Your lease contract will end after 48 months. You eagerly look forward to that new EV that you bought with a subsidy. After a call from the dealership you know that it will take a lot longer than originally anticipated. Suddenly you are without transport, while you have just welcomed a child. #whatnow

Dilemma 3. The expats are coming

In four weeks, ten expats will join your IT department. The high potentials are looking forward to it, but they did have some requirements: a chill EV, for example. You had ordered ten from your mobility provider, but you just heard that they are not on time. In fact, they won't come for at least another six months. #howtokeepeveryonehappy

Dilemma 4. Price versus budget

Everything seemed arranged. You had short leased four luxury EVs for four managers coming over from the US. It was a pain in the ass and freaking expensive, but oh well… You check whether everything is in order and then you are told that the cars have a longer delivery time. About 5 months. The leasing company still had a few Porsches as an alternative. The price of the Taycans would only eat up the entire budget in one month. And that Honda E is not an option for those Americans either. #shorttermneed

Dilemma 5. To buy or not to buy?

You've wanted to make the switch from fossil to electric for a long time. But all sorts of things are running through your head: delivery times, charging, the purchase price. Buying or not buying becomes a many-headed monster. It might be a good idea to test drive for a few months without any worries to gain experience and to understand the intricacies of planning and charging. You may just find out that a subscription to an EV suits you much better than owning one. #everydisadvantagehasitsadvantage

The long delivery times are annoying, but not insurmountable. imove has a suitable alternative for every dilemma and can, if necessary, deliver brand new EVs to your door tomorrow – whether in your driveway or in the garage. The imove subscriptions are for a minimum of 1 month and last as long as you need the car, with unlimited mileage and zero percent stress. #dilemmagone

Bas and Rutger are happy to help you on your way!

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