imove | flexible car subscription | 100% electric 0% stress


All-risk insurance is included

Freedom equals happiness

100% electric

From A to B without the &#%!

A plethora of choice Do you need a bigger or smaller car temporarily? imove moves with you.

All inclusive Everything is included for a fixed fee per month without a BKR registration.

Roadside support You will drive in amazing cars. But if something happens nevertheless, we will help you along.

Freedom equals happiness The minimum commitment period for a subscription is 1 month. After the binding period, you can swap or cancel at anytime.

100% electric Contribute to a CO2 neutral world and drive electric.

Unlimited mileage Drive as far and as much as you want.

Full flexibility, all year around

When you buy or lease a car, you are often stuck with it for years. imove's subscription gives you complete freedom. Do you want another car? With one call you can adjust your subscription and drive the new car of your dreams a month later. Don't worry about unforeseen costs or loss of value. That stress is with us.

Maintenance, road tax, tire changes and all-risk insurance are all included. You only have to pay for charging and parking. Your neighbours will be amazed with your flexibility. What will they think if you drive a new car again, when you had a new Polestar at your door six months ago? With imove everything is possible and nothing is a problem.

Comfortable driving has a name: imove! Can you feel the vibe?

car subscription flexibility all year long


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Meet the team

As a new start-up, we learn a lot every day. About the market, our target group and how we can align our value offer as closely as possible to the market. We therefore think it is very important to get in touch with you and stay in touch. We thought it was appropriate to introduce ourselves first. So that you also have an idea who the people behind imove in the Netherlands are.

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imove subscription long waiting time delivery time car

5 long-delivery dilemmas that call for workarounds

The long delivery times of new cars present motorists and companies with 5 complex dilemmas. To keep everyone mobile, imove is introducing flexible car subscriptions. If you need a representative car for at least one month, you can have it tomorrow.

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rutger bas imove amsterdam polestar auto abonnement

Buying, leasing or a car subscription? What is the best option for you?

When you are considering a new car, it's worthwhile thinking about which type of ownership suits you best.

In this article we have compared these types of ownership in order to help you make the best decision.

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How is a car subscription different to leasing or ownership?

Our promise is comfort. A car subscription with imove is completely hassle free. There is no need for a down payment and you do not need to worry about depreciation. And compared to a lease car, a car subscription is very flexible. There are no longterm commitments and you can cancel or change your subscription on a monthly base. The only thing you have to worry about is parking and charging your car. But we will try to support you with that as well!

Private lease

Down payment




Service & Maintenance








Tire changes & storage

Add. fees






Own risk

Fleet access





1250 km/m



Contract duration

36-60 months

min. 1 month


BKR registration



Yes, with loan

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