Meet the team

Meet the team



The team in the Netherlands is currently three men strong. From right to left: Rutger van den Berg (in charge of operations), Bas Bisschop (country manager) and Thomas Nan (urban ninja and marketeer). Below the photo you will find a small explanation for each team member:

Thomas Bas Rutger imove

For all operational matters within imove, Rutger van den Berg is your guy! Rutger's main goal is to ensure that the operation runs as smoothly as possible. This includes the distribution, maintenance and optimization of the fleet. Of course, customer contact and service are very high on Rutger's list of priorities. He is there for you almost 24/7. Rutger takes care of all the stress that comes with owning/using a car, so you don't have to worry about anything. 0% stress! In the past, Rutger has shaped the growth of the operations team in the Netherlands at ParkBee, a start-up in digital parking optimization. This involved juggling physical assets and innovating processes and software with a good deal of problem solving and data analysis. Rutger took these skills with him to optimize imove's offering. Because imove's service is still new in the Netherlands, there is still a lot to pioneer and set up. This motivates Rutger to make it a huge success!

Rutger van den berg

Bas Bisschop is mainly involved in the commercial and financial activities within imove in the Netherlands. Connecting partners and closing deals, this makes it possible for imove to offer subscriptions that match your needs. Think of adding new cars to the fleet or, for example, finding a suitable tire partner so that you can also drive around safely in the winter. Bas also tries to ensure that imove becomes known in the Netherlands. Earlier this year he was heard on the radio at BNR and he will give a keynote presentation at an Automotive-Online seminar on 14 April.

Bas Bisschop imove

Then who is Thomas Nan? I hear you thinking. Thomas is the marketeer and urban ninja for imove in the Netherlands. His versatility is a strong asset to the team. In addition to his broad smile, he also brings his design and photography skills with him. Thomas is making good progress as a DJ and knows how to make a party out of every situation. When Thomas delivers a new car to the customer, it's a double celebration!

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