Why choose imove?

Why choose imove?



People ask why they should have a car subscription from imove. We would like to try to answer that, because that question raises several interesting topics.

Our subscribers are very satisfied
The last couple of months we have enjoyed many good reviews from our subscribers on Truspilot. It pleases us to see that we have Norway's most satisfied car subscribers; that we deliver the product and service they expect, and sometimes beyond that.

But: we also get critique that challenges us to enlighten and evaluate the content in our service, compared to other providers. That is a challenge we love, because it gives us an insight into what our subscribers want, and it gives us the possibility to react.

Car subscription is all about making life easier for the customer, for example by including:

  • Service and maintenance
  • Tire change
  • Insurance

In addition, we often define commitment-time and how many kilometers that are included per month. These are typical common features of all providers of car subscriptions.

Just like there are different kinds of mobile plans, or subscriptions to streaming services (basic, premium etc), there are also big differences when it comes to what is included in the different car subscriptions.

Below we would like to enlighten some of these differences.

Free kilometres
First and foremost, we are the only car-subscription service that offers free kilometres. In other words, that means, that where other providers would charge an additional fee for overused kilometers, we won't charge anything: hence the subscription fee stays the same. We believe that people drive because they have a need, and very few people drive just for the fun of it. On average, an imove car is driven 1157km per month.

Only electrical vehicles, from all brands
In imove we only offer electrical vehicles. With a car subscription from imove, you are guaranteed to drive environmentally friendly. In our fleet we have cars from all serious car manufacturers, making us a one-stop-shop for all new attractive EVs.

No commitment
The world around us is changing more frequently, faster and dramatically than ever, and this includes people's work, family and life situations, and hence car needs. A car subscription with imove is minimally 1 month, after the chosen binding period you can cancel or swap any time. If you want, you can cancel the subscription after the chosen binding period and return the car the following day.

Service and maintenance is included
We have partners that handle tire change at your doorstep and partners where you can hand in your car for service and maintenance.

Our urban ninjas ensure that our customers get the help they need quickly, and they are the connectors between our customers and our partners. Therefore; when it is time for service or tire change, contact one of our ninjas, and they will fix the rest.

Our values are simplicity, transparency and flexibility. This also counts for our insurance, and we are proud to say we have the best insurance in the market: with comprehensive insurance, and a deductible of 1000 euro, which is the lowest in the market. In addition, we do not charge for extra kilometers, and the car can be used by anyone over 18 years of age with a legal driver's license. Our cars can even be used for practice driving.

We also have a return insurance that ensures that small damages won't cause surprising costs upon return of your car. No matter how many times you have been unlucky, it only counts for the one deductible. And the deductible is the same as for the comprehensive insurance. Simple and easy.

Our unique ecosystem
When you book a car from us, one of our urban ninjas will call you to provide all the necessary information that you need to start using your new EV. Our ninjas are available almost 24/7 and you can trust them to help you with everything, big or small. We have people monitoring the chat all day, apart from when we are sleeping, and you will always talk to a person and not a robot.

Through our partners, we also help our customers to set up smart car chargers at home, with guaranteed green electricity. We also have close partnerships with dealerships that can help you sell your existing car.

And if that is not enough, we can also change and store the tires of your other car whilst the tires of your imove car is being changed.

Together, no issue is too big to be solved.

In addition it is important for us to state that we are the only car subscription service in the market with a fleet consisting of only electrical vehicles. This way we can make our cities a little bit greener.

Finally: What is flexibility worth?
After all, a lot of the content in a car subscription service is hard to put a price on: What is flexibility worth?

When the car goes from something you own to a service, we move away from the functional values that are easy to put a price on. A car subscription, with all its features, is made to make your everyday life easier. And what is your time really worth?

What provider should you choose?
We find it really cool that car subscription is a market segment that is really growing. When we started imove back in 2018, only 4% of all Norwegian people had heard about car subscription. By the summer of 2020 this number was higher than 25%. This tells us that our service is becoming more and more established, but it also tells us that new providers of car subscription services are emerging.

We don´t look at other providers as competitors, but we believe that because this segment holds just a portion of the market shares, every provider contributes to educate the customers about car subscriptions. For the greater good for all providers!

The media has slowly started to write articles about car subscriptions, about what you must consider and whom you must choose. For example Smarte Penger, that headlights imove as the only provider that really stands out from the rest. But as always, the choice is your. And if you make the wrong choice, you can always swap!

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